Voting and elections

This page contains information about voting in Geneva. You will also find the results of the most recent municipal elections.

Who can vote?

Swiss citizens over the age of 18 living in Geneva have the right to vote in the canton. For municipal elections, you must have been resident in the same municipality for at least three months.

Voting in Geneva

For more detailed information concerning voting and elections,

  • forthcoming electoral operations,
  • electronic voting,
  • voting for Swiss citizens living abroad and 
  • voting conditions for foreign citizens,

we invite you to consult the State of Geneva website and/or to contact the Voting and Elections Department.

Voting material

In Geneva, if you have not received your voting material or if you have a question about a ballot, you can contact the State of Geneva's Voting and Elections Department.

Voting results

All the results of the communal votes on the French version of this page.


Service des votations et élections (Canton de Genève)

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