Installing a food truck in a public area

This page provides useful information for people wishing to install a food truck in a public area in the City of Geneva. Pitches are allocated following a call for tender published in the press.

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The City of Geneva opened public areas to food trucks in 2014. Five itinerant restaurants currently serve meals in public areas around the City of Geneva. A system of rotation organised by the operators ensures the city’s population enjoys culinary diversity at each of the ten sites.

Allocation of pitches

The itinerant restaurants currently operating in the City of Geneva were selected in 2016 for a contractual duration of four years. At present, the municipality does not intend to increase the number of pitches available.

Pitches are allocated in public areas following a call for tender published in the press. The notifications are published in the Tribune de Genève, the GHI and the official gazette.

Pitches on private land and in other municipalities

Until the next call for tender is issued, anyone interested is advised to contact owners of private plots of land and the neighbouring municipalities.


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