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Cinema in Geneva

Hosting prestigious festivals and home to numerous cinema theatres, it can safely be said that Geneva is a genuine film-lover’s city. Its multi-cultural spirit is reflected in the importance it accords to the 7th art. The wide-ranging offer, designed for different audiences and focusing on a broad variety of themes, caters to every whim of the city’s inhabitants.

Un cinéma en extérieur

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Throughout the year, Geneva’s film scene benefits from a quite extraordinary diversity thanks to the different cinema theatres and the programmes served up at the numerous festivals presenting less mainstream productions. Specific sections devoted to senior citizens or children also punctuate the annual calendar, which includes a host of free events. The City of Geneva provides assistance by granting subsidies to festivals, not to mention the aid provided for film distribution. For example, it supports two structures, the Cinémas du Grütli and the Spoutnik, which programme films not picked up by the major commercial circuits.



The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) promotes diversity and inter-cultural dialogue exploring more original films from both East and West.

The Festival du Film Vert offers a broad public throughout the country the opportunity to discover a selection of documentaries examining issues linked to ecology and sustainable development.

The aim of the Festival du Film juif (GIJFF) is to present the best of contemporary Jewish cinema from around the world.


Cinétransat organises screenings of often cult films as well as open-air events at la Perle du Lac.

Allianz cinéma is an open-air cinema located by the water’s edge at Port Noir.


Animatou reveals all the riches of animated short films from Switzerland and abroad and includes “Animatoup’tits”, a section devoted to children. Throughout the year, the festival also organises Animation Wednesdays for children aged 4 and over, held at the Geneva Centre for Contemporary Art.

The “Everybody's perfect” queer festival explores the question of gender, extending to the notions of fundamental freedoms and the inclusion of all minorities.


The International Film Festival on Human Rights (FIFDH) programmes films followed by high-level debates aimed at exposing any form of violation against human rights.

The Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) explores the links between cinema, television and new forms of digital creation. Works suitable for children are also included in the programme.

Filmar en America latina showcases Latin-American cinema, with about one hundred titles, fictions, documentaries and a recently-introduced section for young cinema-goers entitled Filmarcito.

The Black Movie Festival, an international festival of independent films, serves up an innovative, unfettered programme of films, most of which have yet to be shown in Switzerland. For young cinema buffs, there is the Little Black Movie menu.

Kino Kabaret, a sort of mini film marathon, brings together directors, technicians and actors, both home-grown and from further afield, to create short films over a very short period (between 2 and 4 days) before presenting them to the public.

Discover all the film festivals, events and cultural happenings in the diary!

Film cycles

Cycles for children

The Cinéma du Grütli and the Cinema les Scala organise Ciné-prims for children aged 4 and over.

The Lanterne Magique serves up an interactive educational programme for children aged 6 to 12 as well as a short film section suitable for younger children aged 4 to 6.

Cycles for senior citizens

Screenings at reduced rates are organised for senior citizens in several cinemas.

Cycles for students

The Auditorium Arditi hosts the cycles organised by the film club of the University of Geneva, exploring a different theme every season.

Reduced rates

The City of Geneva, in collaboration with a network of partners, provides different target groups with financial and accompaniment measures designed to facilitate access to cultural happenings in Geneva.

Certain festivals participate in the cultural cheque book which enables people with low incomes to take advantage of the cultural offer.

Tickets at reduced rates for senior citizens are available from certain partner cinemas.

The 20ans/20 francs card allows young people to attend screenings and film festivals at reduced rates.


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