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The musical landscape in Geneva bears witness to its eclectic nature thanks to the flagship institutions and an effervescent associative scene.

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The City of Geneva organises a plethora of musical events, supports associative or independent initiatives through subsidies and access to concert halls and helps artists by means of a range of different prizes and grants.

Concert venues

With their historic charm, the Victoria Hall, Alhambra and Casino-Théâtre are three of the City of Geneva’s venues which host varied musical repertoires for a public in search of sound emotions.

The City of Geneva also supports venues hosting alternative cultural events, such as the Usine PTR, which gives pride of place to rock, and Cave 12, specialising in experimental music. For fans of jazz and improvised music, AMR Sud des Alpes is a key player in Geneva, serving up a programme throughout the year blending local talents and international figures, in addition to a summer weekend event in the Parc des Cropettes. The Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie programme several festivals at the Alhambra and the MEG to showcase world music. 

In addition to these entities linked to the City of Geneva, other venues have built up a reputation such as the Chat Noir, a concert hall on the outskirts of Geneva that first opened its doors in 1985. L’Abri a private foundation, offers young talents the choice of two concert halls while record stores such as Bonjo Joe and Dig It Records often organise more intimate concerts.

Open-air concerts

Showcasing the full range of musical genres, the Fête de la Musique is organised every year by the City of Geneva. Every summer solstice, this large-scale popular event returns with a full three-day programme of free concerts performed in different locations around the city, for the most part in the open air.

Summer continues with Musiques en été, inviting the public to the Ella Fitzgerald stage in the magical setting of the Parc La Grange or to the courtyard of City Hall for a series of thirty concerts ranging from classical music through contemporary world music to jazz.

At the beginning of summer, the AMR aux Cropettes offers more than twenty jazz concerts, free of charge, over five days in the Parc des Cropettes.

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Electronic music festivals

Naturally electronic music also sets the tone of Geneva nights in a number of different venues. It has its own large-scale annual event, Electron and is also represented in other multidisciplinary festivals such as Bâtie, Antigel and Mapping Festival.

World music

Founded in Geneva in 1983, the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie are a cultural association devoted to music and dance from around the world. They organise concerts, festivals, classes, courses and activities for a younger public while also providing support for migrant musicians living in the region.

Reduced rates

The City of Geneva, in collaboration with a network of partners, provides different target groups with financial and accompaniment measures designed to facilitate access to cultural happenings in Geneva.

Certain concert halls and festivals participate in the chéquier culture, which enables people with low incomes to take advantage of the cultural offer.

Culture accessible Genève

Culture accessible Genève is a platform which provides information concerning access to cultural venues.

Developed by the association Cédille, it promotes cultural events accessible to people with a sensory, physical or mental handicap.


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