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Foundation for buildings for international organisations (FIPOI)

The FIPOI is active in the field of real estate and helps international organisations set up offices in Geneva.

In 1964, the Confederation and the Canton of Geneva created the Foundation for buildings for international organisations (FIPOI). A non-profit foundation operating under private law, it provides a range of services intended for international organisations, in particular the provision of premises at preferential rates. The FIPOI is therefore tasked with providing infrastructures enabling international organisations to carry out their mission in the best possible conditions. To this end, the foundation’s work is guided by three main goals:

  • to build, manage and maintain administrative and conference buildings;
  • to make these premises available to inter-governmental organisations and, in exceptional cases, to non-governmental organisations;
  • to ensure that the headquarters of international organisations in Geneva are financed and to advise these institutions on the organisation, construction and implementation of their project.


Secrétariat FIPOI

Rue de Varembé 9-11


Par courrier

CP 13


Genève 20

Tél. +41 22 791 90 00

Fax. +41 22 791 90 55

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