Reducing food waste

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Beyond the production and distribution sectors, households and restaurants are responsible for a considerable proportion of food waste. The City of Geneva’s climate strategy aims to support and develop anti-waste actions in these domains.

Un drapeau de la fédération romande des consommateurs pour réduire le gaspillage alimentaire

In Switzerland, almost 30% of food products are not consumed, representing a major waste of the resources used to produce them (soil, water, energy). It is also an economic loss as on average, a Swiss household throws away over CHF 600 of food every year.

Different projects are currently being developed to reduce this waste not only among the population, but also in collective and private catering facilities.  

  • "Free-Go": by recovering perishable foodstuffs offered free of charge to everyone, the Free-Go fight against food waste. The Free-go project is growing, with several new self-service fridges, at the Maison internationale des associations, at the Center de la Roseraie and at the Espace de quartier Le 99.
  • Refettorio: Managed by Mater Fondazione and the Food for Soul network, Refettorio Geneva is a sustainable, social and inclusive restaurant. It is committed, among other things, to product circularity and zero-waste, by recovering agricultural products and ingredients donated by several organizations, such as the Partage Foundation, the Union Maraîchère de Genève (UMG) and the ’Ecole d’horticulture de Lullier (CFPNE Lullier). This restaurant also collects products directly from Geneva farms and farms, when the small quantities of certain goods dissuade other associations from making the trip.

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