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Occupying public space for a special delivery

Any use of public space for a special delivery is subject to authorisation and payment of a fee.

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Livraison spéciale
Vue d'une livraison d'un bateau sur l'espace public

Within the scope of this service, a special delivery may require the installation of several elements in public areas:

  • heavy vehicles, special machinery, lifting devices; 
  • depositing of equipment;
  • signage for user safety.

Legal provisions

Chapter III of the regulation concerning use of public space contains the legal provisions concerning occupation in or under public areas.

Authorisation request

Depending on the type of occupation, a special delivery requires an authorisation for increased use of public space issued by the City of Geneva.

Signage directives must also be requested from the Canton or the Planning, Civil Engineering and Mobility Service.

The authorisation request must be filed at least 10 working days before the beginning of the operation.


Occupation of public space for a special delivery is subject to a fee determined according to the duration of the occupation. The amount is stipulated in article 5A of the regulation determining the price of occupation in or under public areas. (L1.10.15)

No fee will be charged for the service provided; the tax for use of the public domain remains payable.


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