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Statues, sculptures and artistic installations are scattered around the city’s public areas. 

Le monument Brunswick

More than 220 monuments and works of art are installed throughout the territory of the City of Geneva.

The municipal administration is responsible for installing and maintaining them.

The main challenges facing the teams tasked with the upkeep of the monuments remains graffiti and vandalism. Both fragile and precious, it is important to clean the monuments without damaging them. This is where experience and know-how come into play, guaranteeing the longevity of these works of art.

The choice of new pieces is primarily made by the Municipal Fund for Contemporary Art (FMAC). The oldest pieces are part of our heritage. Some were given or bequeathed to the City of Geneva.

Discover the monuments and works of art in the City of Geneva

The “Discover Geneva” section presents a selection of sites and monuments.

The thematic plans of the “Community life” section offer you the chance to discover the contemporary works of art installed in public areas. Explore them by selecting the plan entitled “heritage and tourism” in each district of interest to you.


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Les Acacias


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