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Behaviour to be adopted in the city’s parks

For the well-being of all, it is important to behave respectfully with regard to the installations and other people in the city’s parks, promenades, public gardens, quays, lawns and other green areas.

Animations d'été organisées par la Ville de Genève au Parc des Franchises.

These green areas are places where the general public can rest, relax and enjoy leisure activities. The enjoyment provided by these locations is based on the mutual respect of all users.

General rules and precautions

It is therefore important to respect the following behavioural rules:

  • respect the green areas, yards and play areas as well the people responsible for their upkeep;
  • respect other users, especially young children and senior citizens;
  • keep the sites clean by making use of the bins located in the parks or the waste recycling points;
  • do not cause any damage to the lawns, trees, flowerbeds, plantations, water features, works of art, constructions or installations.

Furthermore, we also recommend that you take the following precautions

  • do not eat plants or fruit taken from a park;
  • do not stay out in the sun too long.

Use of green areas and paddling pools by children

Use of the green areas and paddling pools by children falls under the responsibility of the accompanying adults. Access to the paddling pools is reserved for children under the age of 7.

You are also advised not to leave children unsupervised.

Feeding pigeons prohibited

It is strictly prohibited to feed pigeons in public areas, on pain of receiving a fine. These birds cause wide-ranging damage including noise pollution, stains, damage to plants and dust from droppings which may cause an allergic reaction in people. By feeding pigeons, which then become dependent on us, we contribute to causing damage to public areas.

Restrictions relating to dogs

Dogs and other pets are strictly prohibited:

  • on the lawns and in the flowerbeds and plantations in green areas;
  • in the yards, play areas and paddling pools as well as in the immediate vicinity of these installations.

They are allowed on the avenues and paths leading through green areas, on condition that they are kept on a leash. Free spaces are open to dogs accompanied by their owner.

Riding bicycles in green areas

The use of vehicles, including bicycles, in the city’s green areas and yards is prohibited, except on avenues where authorisation is indicated. In certain parks around the city, combined pedestrian and cycle paths have been introduced. 

Outside these authorised avenues, you are therefore advised to push your bicycle by hand. Cyclists who represent a risk to the public will be punished.

It should be noted that children’s bikes are considered to be toys and not vehicles.

Barbecues prohibited outside the fixed grills

It is prohibited to light or maintain a fire in the city’s green areas, in particular on the lawns. To enable you to enjoy a barbecue outdoors while respecting nature, fixed installations have been provided for this purpose.


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