Marked mixed circuits in the parks (pedestrians and cyclists)

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In certain parks in the City of Geneva, cyclists are authorised to use duly marked circuits while nevertheless riding carefully. These marked “mixed” circuits are designed to be shared by pedestrians and cyclists.

To allow cyclists to cross several parks within the City of Geneva in complete safety away from the road traffic, without for all that endangering other people enjoying the park, mixed pedestrian/cyclist circuits have been created by the Parks and Gardens Department:

Maps of the circuits are available for download below.

Studies are currently being conducted to determine the feasibility of this type of project in other parks around the city.

Appropriate behaviour as a cyclist

On mixed circuits

In those parks where such circuits have been implemented, cyclists are authorised to use these marked circuits on condition that they ride carefully, as the paths are shared by cyclists and pedestrians: cyclists must “pay increased attention” to pedestrians, who have right of way (cf. art. 41 al. 2 OCR), and adapt their speed accordingly and even stop when necessary for safety reasons (art. 33 al. 4 OSR).

Bicycles fitted with electrical pedal assistance which can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h are authorised to use the mixed circuits. Electric bikes that can reach a speed of 45 km/h, however, are considered as mopeds and are only authorised to use the mixed circuits with the motor switched off.

Elsewhere in the park

Away from these marked circuits, bicycles are prohibited in all green areas as stipulated in the Federal Road Traffic Act (art. 43 al. 1).

It should be noted that small, pre-school children’s bikes are authorised in the parks (art. 50 and 50a of the OCR). They can therefore ride anywhere within the parks.


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