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The Administrative Council 2020-2025

Conseil administratif 2020

The members of the executive are elected every five years based on a first-past-the-post system. Each magistrate elected acts as head of a department.

The mayor or mayoress is elected every year from among the members of the Council on a rota basis. The mayor or mayoress chairs the sessions of the Administrative Council held every Wednesday at the Palais Eynard. His/her power is the same as the other councillors. He/she nevertheless has a broader role.


The activity of the executive is twofold:

  • to fulfil its public service mission by directing actions designed to meet the needs of the population. These actions are conducted through the cooperation of the five municipal administration departments;
  • to define a certain number of short-, medium- and long-term priorities. These objectives are stated in the legislative discourse of the Administrative Council every five years and in the official positions of the mayor or mayoress every year.

Administrative management

The Administrative Council deals with the management of the municipal administration as a whole in order to meet the needs of the population. Depending on the present necessities, the Council forms working groups tasked with studying a specific issue. Various bodies are attached to the Council such as the conference of directors, the functions review board, etc.

Representative tasks

The members of the Council represent the City of Geneva in the numerous municipal, regional, national and international institutions (administrative councils, foundations, etc.).

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