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Becoming Swiss

Swiss nationality is obtained by filiation, adoption, ordinary naturalisation or facilitated naturalisation. In Geneva, the cantonal administration is the competent institution for handling requests for ordinary naturalisation.

Une femme noire tient un livret rouge et des documents liés à la naturalisation suisse.

Foreigners can obtain Swiss nationality by naturalisation. If you do not meet the criteria to benefit from the facilitated naturalisation process, you must opt for ordinary naturalisation.

Facilitated naturalisation

Facilitated naturalisation is possible in a number of different scenarios, described on the Facilitated naturalisation page of the state of Geneva’s website

Unlike in the case of a marriage, a registered partnership does not give the foreign partner of a Swiss national the right to facilitated naturalisation.

Facilitated naturalisations and reintegration procedures fall under the exclusive auspices of the Swiss Confederation.

Ordinary naturalisation

If you are not eligible for facilitated naturalisation, you must follow the ordinary naturalisation process.

In Geneva, the Cantonal Office of Population and Migrations – naturalisations sector is the institution tasked with processing requests for ordinary naturalisation. 

Place of origin and right of citizenship

Naturalisation enables you to acquire the determined right of citizenship, which specifies your affiliation to a Swiss municipality and canton. Your political rights and duties as a Swiss citizen are dependent on this right of citizenship.

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