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Matrimonial regimes

The matrimonial regime is a set of provisions governing and sharing a couple’s assets, regardless of whether they are married or have concluded a registered partnership.


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The matrimonial regime determines the destination of the couple’s assets in the event of a divorce or dissolution of the registered partnership.

Matrimonial law

Matrimonial law provides for three different matrimonial regimes:

  • joint ownership of acquired property;
  • separation of property;
  • community of property.

If joint ownership of acquired property applies by default, separation of property and community of property must be stipulated by a marriage contract signed before a notary.

Registered Partnership Act

Under the Registered Partnership Act, the partners have the possibility of “agreeing to a special regulation on assets in the event of a dissolution of the registered partnership” (art. 25 Lpart).

If a registered partnership is converted into a marriage, the ordinary regime of joint ownership of acquired property is applied as soon as the conversion is completed, unless otherwise specified in an agreement on assets or a marriage contract.

Information concerning the matrimonial regimes

Information concerning the matrimonial regimes should be requested from a notary or a lawyer.

You can find the essential information on sharing assets, income and debts on the following page: Economic effects of marriage – matrimonial regime of the Swiss authorities’ online portal.

The Civil Registry Office does not provide any information concerning matrimonial regimes.

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