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Fun activities exploring trees

Un enfant grimpant sur un arbre.

Whether you are on your own, with friends or enjoying some quality time with the family, you are sure to find plenty to enjoy, observe and learn with the selection of activities focusing on trees.

Geneva is home to a plethora of attractive trees, both in the city and the surrounding countryside. They are ideal for organising a wide range of fun and educational activities to be enjoyed alone, with the family or among friends. This section presents a series of exploratory activities calling on your senses, creativity or technical know-how and offering you the chance to see trees in a new light while having fun.

Who are these activities intended for?

They have been designed to offer everyone, be they curious visitors, enthusiasts, hobbyists, artists or budding scientists, the chance to discover – or rediscover – the different treasures to be found in trees.

Liste des activités


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